truck wheel alignment ML-TAR-3

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The real truck wheel alignment (using the center axis of the frame as the positioning reference) has completely ended the domestic common problems of the domestic wheel alignment manufacturers who use the car locator (the rear wheel thrust line as the positioning reference) instead of the truck wheel alignment. The axles (including buses, trailers, trailers, trucks, etc.) are accurately aligned.

The measuring principle is advanced. The front and rear hanging targets maintain the same position during the measurement process, ensuring the consistency and accuracy of the measurement reference when alignment with multiple axes and wheels.

It can directly and accurately measure the conventional wheel axle alignment angle parameters such as the toe-in , camber, caster. 

It can measure the parallelism of the wheels and axles of the main and auxiliary steering axles of vehicles with double steering axles, and solve the problems of tire eating and grinding of the auxiliary steering axles.

The verticality of the multiple rear axles relative to the centerline of the vehicle and the parallelism between the bridges can be measured to solve a series of problems such as vehicle driving on the road and flicking.

This equipment can be conveniently operated outdoors and has a strong adaptability.

Equipped with a tablet computer, it greatly facilitates the operation of technicians and improves the operation efficiency.

The turntable made of aeronautical materials can withstand a weight of 50T, strong and durable yet light.

This equipment can be applied to various heavy trucks , such as special vehicles such as minibuses, buses and engineering vehicles. The application of this machine is very important for the accurate measurement of the wheel alignment parameters of multi-axis vehicles, the diagnosis of the deformation of the frame and the axle, and the judgment of the situation after the repair of the accident vehicle.


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