Truck wheel alignment ML-TAR-1

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truck wheel alignment

A Four Wheel Alignment Which Can Used For Heavy Truck & Trailer

*Uses infrared CCD measurement system, accurately measure the single toe-in of each axis, camber and Kingpin caster angle,etc.

*Utilize laser rangefinder & lasers produced by sensors, measure and convert the inaccurate degree of axle & parallelism between axles through the setting software program.

*Wireless bluetooth,


*Intelligent Charge


High-precision CCD laser sensors, can measure

Parameters such as toe-in,camber, K.P.I directly.

With trailer alignment system.

Built-in laser emission unit, can measure longer

Vehicle profile.

The sensors can be connected to the PC via bluetooth.

The sensors use intelligent charging technology,

Can be charging anytime as they were hanging.

Configurated special truck turntables & clamps.

Brand laptop

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