CCD wheel alignment ML-9010C

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CCD wheel alignment


8 beam infrared wireless CCD measurement system with front wheel alignment function, can quickly locate the vehicle.

The latest Bluetooth2.0 enhanced Bluetooth wireless communication system can automatically pick up frequencies, the communication is extremely stable, select the highest efficiency frequency communication without interference.

Equipped with 4 peaces charging cables to meet power request for sensor arms for whole day.

Comprehensive special measurement functions, capable of measuring wheelbase difference and thread difference, can directly carry out ultra-low chassis, large-enclosed models, A6/B5 toe curve measurement, etc.

Model database network upgrade function, users can add model data to the custom database, after the upgrade will not change the original customer information.

The computer system has a quick and automatic recovery function to ensure that the measurement data is not lost and the stability of the measurement

Animation instructions for the adjustment of complex vehicle models, guiding the operator to adjust.

Professional testing software, covering more than 20,000 imported original model technical database and domestic model technical database, equipped with customer resource management (CRM) function.

WIN7 operating system, customized commercial computer, HP or similar color inkjet printer

Available in multiple languages.

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