3d wheel alignment ML-3D-2S/D

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3d wheel alignment

1Cart-free measurement function

Traditional wheel alignment requires that the vehicle is driven on the lift, and the lift is raised to more than 1 meter high, and then the vehicle is pushed back at a constant speed of about 10 cm by a person at this height, and then the vehicle is pushed forward at a constant speed. 10 centimeters, the data can be measured. This cart measurement method has the following shortcomings: 1. It takes a long time (need to go back and forth carts); 2. It consumes labor (the cart needs 2 people); 3. It has a certain risk (on a lift that is more than 1 meter high) Push the vehicle back and forth, you need to pay attention to safety). And the Miller wheel alignment can achieve the data at the same time when the lift is raised, without the need for front and rear carts. This not only ensures safety, but also improves work efficiency, while also saving labor costs. In addition, the Miller wheel alignment has both cart-free measurement and cart measurement functions, providing customers with a full range of choices.

2Automatic database upgrade

Relying on the reliable and complete model data of different years and styles from OEMs and well-known domestic and foreign automobile data companies, Miller wheel alignment always maintains a leading position in updating model data. The computer comes with an upgrade software, users can upgrade the database at any time according to their needs, reducing the upgrade trouble.

3Cloud service

    Miller 3D wheel alignment computer is equipped with an automatic upgrade program, which can update the database in time; and comes with a remote assistance program, which can provide remote guidance, remote maintenance, and remote repair for wheel alignment.

4Steering wheel quick adjustment special program and toe-in lock adjustment function

When the comprehensive performance of the customer's vehicle is good, but the steering wheel is not correct, this program can be used to quickly adjust the steering wheel. When adjusting the front wheel toe-in, the program locks the front wheel toe-in value. The front wheel can be adjusted to the prompt value at any position according to the software prompt. Application of this function can save customers valuable time.


5Fuzzy recognition system

The image quality of the target captured by the 3D wheel alignment camera directly determines whether the locator can work and the achievable measurement accuracy. In the actual working environment, due to the complexity of the situation, the 3D wheel alignment's camera system may not necessarily work in an ideal shooting environment. For example, the camera simultaneously shoots the image of the target and the target on the car body, or part of the image quality meets the standard. Part of it does not meet the standard. If we hope that the device can still work at this time, we need the system to automatically remove the image that is reflected on the body and restore the part of the image that does not meet the standard. The high-performance 3D wheel alignment with a high-level image blur recognition system can still work effectively in a complex working environment.

6Clamp self-calibration

Miller 3D wheel alignment series products are equipped with clamp self-calibration software. This software completely solves the error caused by the wear and deformation of the clamp after a period of use, and ensures that the wheel alignment is generally accurate as shipped from the factory.

7Intelligent LED flash control system

Light conditions are necessary for the normal operation of the 3D imaging system, so controlling the LED flash brightness and camera exposure time is an important part of the 3D system. The Miller ML-3D system integrates the LED flash control system on an electronic board and is built into the computer. It uses the computer's switching power supply to provide power, which is simple, cost-effective, and the power supply voltage is more stable. The Miller intelligent LED flash control system is controlled by the intelligent imaging control program included in the Miller 3D wheel alignment, which can realize the intelligent metering of the left and right cameras, the intelligent control of the flash, and the intelligent exposure of the camera. It is the most advanced LED flash control and imaging system in current 3D wheel alignment. 

This system has the advantage of turning on and off as soon as the camera works, the LED flash will be bright, and the power will be automatically cut off after the camera is completed. All LED lamps are made of imported components, with long service life, low heat generation, and high brightness

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